Artists' Statement


Born and raised in the Midlands, I have painted most of my adult life.  Although offered a place to study Fine Art, I opted for a vocational course instead!  Returning to painting after a 10 year break I studied at Bournville School of Art, but much of my learning has been through trial and error.

I have been painting seriously for over 30 years, and over this time I have moved from representation to abstract. Thirteen years ago I moved to Worcestershire, and was influenced by my new rural surroundings.  I use acrylic paints and inkks and they offer me the opportunity to rework and layer paint allowing the build up of colours and shaped, encouraging textures to appear during the course of the painting.   The paint inself becomes the subject, as I allow the unplanned marks and layers to lead the next moves.

I have now taken part in exhibitions in London, Birmingham and Worcester, I am now represented by the Lion Street Gallery, Hay on Wye.

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