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As a contemporary abstract artist, I always work on a series of paintings at a time, allowing ideas from one board to feed across to the others.  I live in rural surroundings but close to the city, so I have inspiration from both areas.

Whilst enjoying regular walks in the fields around our house, I often stop to enjoy the beauty found in the natural world, such as drying seed heads, a fallen feather or the pattern of light and dark across the land.  Occasionally I collect some of my finds for mark making in my sketchbooks.  Over the last few months the footpaths, or views of neighbouring fields have become of more interest to me.  The point of inspiration is rarely visible in the finished painting, but gives me a starting point, whilst allowing the viewer to find their own interpretation.  Gradually each image takes on a life of its own, requiring a more analytical approach to consider the colours, edges and areas where the composition may feel uncomfortable or unbalanced.

I enjoy using crayons, pencils and inks to draw into the paint, whilst wet or dry.  Sometimes painted paper may be collaged amongst the painted and drawn marks.

My thoughts and responses continue to change and are a source of continuing excitement for me.  I know in the future my journey will keep developing. 

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Sue Firmin

Contemporary Abstract Artist