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Sharing my lockkdown lessons

To pass this time of isloation I decided to explore starting points for future work. The first part was around value and design. I followed an online workshop which suggested using random charcoal marks, scribbles, erasures before selecting areas, to edit by adding and subtracting until I was happy. This was such an exciting way to explore possibilities. I made so many of these, and will repear this exercise frequently, two are shown beneath,

The next exercise was using blacmaking collages from black and white papers mainly torn from magazines or from studio experiments. I preferred the right hand one using papers from my gelli plate. My preference is for geometric structures rather than natural forms.

My final exercise was selecting areas from the studies I'd made to develop paintings. Ive added line to these as they add movement and vitality to the painting.

This last piece below went through many stages, see underneath

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